Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vintage Makeup Obsession Part 2

Last week I blogged about one of the most fascinating videos I have seen recently in my piece called Vintage Makeup Obsession!!  The YouTube video I spoke about from Lisa Eldridge was inspiring to me to say the least!!  In it, she shares an interview with Madeleine Marsh, a historian and vintage fashion and beauty collector.  The video interview and discussion between Ms. Eldridge and Ms. Marsh takes place as they walk through her amazing vintage makeup and beauty collection - starting in this video with the Victorian Era to the 1930's!!  To read Part 1 of this blog, or to hear more about my own vintage makeup obsession and where my inspirations for learning about the history of women and makeup began, click here!  But, for now I will post the second YouTube video from Lisa Eldridge where she picks up where she left off in the first video!!  In this second video she shares vintage makeup from the 1940's to 1970's during more of her interview with Madeleine Marsh!!  Amazing! 

Please enjoy the second part of this Vintage Makeup series from Lisa Eldridge!  This is one video I will watch over and over again!!  Each time I spot something new and interesting about the evolution of makeup in the past 100 years...which speaks directly to the evolution of women and our culture in that time. WOW.

To see more from Lisa Eldridge, go to or watch her on YouTube at 
Thank you Lisa Eldridge and Madeleine Marsh!!  I hope we get to see more!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Video - Makeup Tutorial SPRING Eyeshadows

As promised last week, I have added a new YouTube video today using some fun Spring eyeshadow colors - purples, aquas and PINKS!! :)  I love LOVE love using these bright colors right now!! 

Watch the video here and see the list below of the products I used for this one!!
Foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Medium 03
Eyeshadow Primer - Nyx (nude color)
Eyeshadows -
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in Aqua Pool (sorry...this is one that's discontinued)
  • NYX Every Color Imaginable Palette (for the 2 purple/lilac colors) - let me know if you want to see/ hear more about this palette!
Eyeliner - Smashbox Waterproof Eyeliner in Onyx
Mascara - Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme in Extreme Black
Cheeks - Tarte Cheek Stain in True Love, E.L. Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer
Lips - NYX Lipstick in Narcissus, e.l.f. Super Glossy Lipshine in Los Angeles
Lashes - e.l.f. Lashes (Natural) and DUO Lash Adhesive
Brushes - Tarte Eyeliner/Smudge brush, Estee Lauder Blending brush

This is a SUPER easy look to use whatever bright fun eyeshadow colors you already have!!  So don't worry if you don't have exactly the same colors I used here!  There are tons of fun aquas and purples out there!!  Using an eyeshadow primer and the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk as your base before the bright colors will make ALLLL the difference.  A good base and the pure white will keep the bright pigments popping!! 
Here are all the links to the products I used -
Estee Lauder
NYX or
Tarte Cosmetics or
Smashbox or
Duo Lash Adhesive Find it at Walgreens

GOOD Luck!!!  Happy Spring everyone! :)
xoxo Jessica

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Makeup Look - Pinks, Lilacs and Aqua Eyeshadows

Hi all!!  So Spring is supposed to be SPRINGING...ugh. :)  And all it has been doing here is RAINING!  So...rather than belly-ache about the rain, I am working on a video for you using bright SPRINGY colors!! YAY!! 
Here's a preview!!...

A video is coming soon...but here is a quick peek at what I did - focus on the eyes...:)
  • Aqua on the lids
  • Aqua under the lower lashes
  • Lilac under the brow
  • A darker/medium purple/lilac in crease

YouTube video is coming soon!!!  A complete list of the products and colors, etc. that I used will be here for you to see, but I wanted to get the BRIGHT fun SPRINGY colors out there now...:) I'm excited to do a few more of these Spring/warm weather inspired looks for you!!

Please go away rain...please...and thank you!
xoxo, Jessica

Vintage Makeup Obsession

I had to share a link to a video that is for sure the epitome of all of my favorite things in one!!!  THANK YOU Lisa Eldridge for posting these videos on YouTube!  I LOVE watching other makeup artists and beauty gurus at work, but Ms. Lisa Eldridge takes it to a completely different level for me!! 
Having "grown up" in the world of Estee Lauder, I have for many years been fascinated by the history of remarkable women in the beauty industry.  Mrs. Estee Lauder (YES...there really was a woman named Estee Lauder) was a revolutionary woman who paved the way for so many beauty brands we are familiar with today!!  As you know...vintage (a.k.a. "old" with a story) anything fascinates me!!  Talk to me about vintage well shut the front door!  You have my attention!!  This topic inspires me on more levels than is probably healthy, but I LOVE IT! 

I hope someday to be able to have the same (okay, I'll be realistic- a tiny version of) this kind of vintage makeup collection!!  Amazing!!  This history of makeup speaks not only to the packaging, colors and trends that changed over the years, but more importantly it speaks to the changes in culture, world history, times of war, economic ups and downs and of course the lives of women in the past 100 + years.  FASCINATING.  Throw all that history of women in with some WAY awesome and innovative makeup ideas, and I'm finished.  Check please.  :)

PLEASE check out this video from Lisa Eldridge - "Beauty - Victorian Era to 1930's"  This is the first of her series!! Click below to see the video or click here to watch on Ms. Lisa Eldridge's full website -

Hope you love it as much as me!!! :)

xoxo, Jessica

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Favorite Beauty Must Have - Ardell Grooming Tools

I had to share one of my new favorite beauty tools...the Ardell Grooming Tools!!  These are AWESOME to have on hand in your cosmetics bag or your makeup kit (if you're a makeup artist)!  I found mine next to the Ardell False Lashes at CVS Pharmacy, so they are SUPER easy to find AND very inexpensive!  I paid $4.99 for mine...but I just checked out the CVS Pharmacy website and they're even on SALE now!!! WHAT?? 
Ardell Grooming Tool, Brow, Trim & Shape
Ardell Brow Trim & Shape
On Sale today at CVS for $3.74 (reg. $4.99)

Ardell Brow Precision Shaper
Ardell Brow Precision Shaper
On Sale today at CVS for $3.74 (reg. $4.99)
These are like super mini disposable razors for wherever you might need a little facial hair maintenance...heehee!  I like to use mine for the little fuzzies that grow above (and between) my brows that are hard to see and tweeze.  I don't like to have my brows waxed and usually maintain my brows with just tweezers, so these tools help get those little fuzzy guys that drive me nuts!!  It is just what I needed to get that perfectly defined brow!

Now...this tool is VERY safe - it's not as sharp as a typical razor would be.  That's a good thing!  But, that means that it's not going to take the place of your tweezers.  This tool will not remove the thicker more coarse brows (like the one's under my arch that I tweeze allllll the time). 
So don't throw out your tweezers!!! BUT...I love this tool for quick little fuzzy touch ups around the brow (and even lip) area as needed!!  Makeup artists...keep these in your kit for quick fixes on the job!!  Happy Brow Shaping all!! 


FREE SHIPPING on Beauty Buys!! Here's Where...

Did you know that you can find FREE Shipping for your makeup, skincare, and all your other beauty must-haves?!?!  Thought it would be fun to see where and when the FREE SHIPPING on all your cosmetics goodies kicks in!!  So....I've compiled a list!!  My plan will be to update this for you on a regular basis as it changes, etc... Here's what I've got to get you started!!  Hope it's helpful! And as always - if you have a beauty bargain secret I don't know about - PLEASE pass along here!! :)

Smashbox - FREE Shipping on any US order!!! "Free Shipping on every order every time!" Whoa...
Von Maur FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS! "Von Maur offers FREE FedEx Home Delivery shipping anywhere in the United States. No matter how much you spend or where you send it, shipping is on us" WOW!!
e.l.f. (Eyes Lips Face) - FREE Shipping with any $25 order + Choose 10 FREE products of choice.  HURRY this one ends 4/18/11
Tarte Cosmetics - FREE SHIPPING on orders of $40 & up!

A $50 Purchase seems to be the magical cut-off for FREE Shipping.  The list below is of those places where you can find FREE Shipping with your $50 cosmetics or beauty purchase...and a convenient link to get to them!
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics - FREE Shipping with any $65 order + 2 FREE SAMPLES!

I know there are SOOOO many more, but tonight we're going to start here! There are a few favorite beauty brands that are not listed at all because they are either not currently running any kind of FREE shipping special, it was difficult to find, or I didn't feel like it was enough of a value to list it for you! :)

I'm excited to see what other BEAUTY DEALS pop up this week!! 


xoxo, Jessica

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MORE PICS...this time of me! :)

YAY for new pictures of me the makeup artist! Heehee..:) They turned out great!  Lots of fun!!  See below for more info on where to find Ann or me if you're in search of a great photographer or makeup artist!

Makeup by Jessica Curtis, Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis, Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis, Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis, Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis, Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis, Photography by Ann Steward Photography
 For more info on Ann...visit or
FACEBOOK her at :) I wish they had a LOVE button on FB for Ann! 
Look for me on Facebook toooooo if you haven't yet!! :)

Spring is HERE...all kinds of creative shoots brewing!!! :)  Can't wait to share more...lots of color coming sooon!
xoxo - Jessica

New Pics of my Work - Brittany

I'm excited to share some new pictures of my work from Brittany's Fashion Shoot!!  YAY!  Thanks to Ann at Ann Steward Photography for some amazing shots!! :)  I LOVE HER!!!  Brilliant photographer and just plain fun to be around!!! WIN WIN!! More coming soooooon!! :) 

In these shots, I used a combination of loose eyeshadow pigments from NYX and favorite Estee Lauder eyeshadows!  Normally...the last color for eyes that I go for is GREEN!  But as soon as I took another look at Brittany's eyes, I knew we had to go green with her eye makeup!!  I think it turned out great!! :) 
We started the shoot with a softer nude lip and finished with a little (only a little) extra something on the pink gloss over the nude lip we started with!!  Brittany and Ann were so fun to work with!!


Beautiful Brittany...look at those eyes! Makeup by Jessica Curtis Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Makeup by Jessica Curtis Photography by Ann Steward Photography

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RED LIPS - a Trendy Red Lip Tutorial (video attached)

Hi all!!

I've uploaded my newest YouTube video tutorial tonight! This one is super fun with a couple of REALLY handy and necessary tricks to applying a Red LIP flawlessly! :)  Red lips and FUN BOLD LIPS are trendy TRENDY right now, but be sure to use these tips so that your lips look as polished as possible!

Products used in this video:
  • Lip Conditioner or Lip Balm
  • Double Wear Concealer in Medium
  • Estee Lauder Apple Cordial Lip Liner,
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Lipstick in Stay Raspberry
  • Lip Brush
  • Flat angle Brush
Let me know what other trends or makeup looks you'd like to see me do or talk about!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to do a Smokey Eye...SUPER easy (video attached)

Hi all!! Sooooo sorry this took so long to get up on the blog! :)  Back now from a girl's weekend out of town!!  :)  Yay for girl's weekend, but now it's time to catch up!

By far, the MOST requested look I get asked for is a smoky eye!  The attached video is a tutorial for my favorite quick smoky eye!  This palette is perfect if for doing this look with matte finishes and colors that look good on nearly everyone!!  If you're new to doing a smoky eye...look for colors that are somewhere between browns and greys/blacks.  Using colors that are in between like that (between a warm an a cool tone) will make them more versatile and make it easier for you to achieve the smoky look without it appearing harsh or severe!! 

I'll put swatches of the colors in this palette up soon...I know it's still available to purchase in stores and online. 
NYX  One Night in Morocco Matte Smoky Look  (I talked about this palette in my February Favorites video...:))
Click here to find this palette...
(BUT...I found mine on EBAY!! Woot woot!)

Other products used in this tutorial -
  • Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Extreme Black
  • Estee Lauder Softsmudge Black Eyeliner
  • Elf Liquid Liner in black
Enjoy!!  Let me know what other looks you'd like to see!