Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Bridal Makeup...more Updates Soon!

Fall Bridal Makeup by Jessica Curtis @ www.PolishedandPretty.com and hair by Jocelyn Murray.
Well yes...I've totally been slacking on my blog posts the past few months! BUT I'm back! Catching my breath from the last few months and ready to get back at it with my BLOG! More to come soon...but for now I had to post this picture of one of my Fall 2011 Brides! This shot has a bit of a vintage feel, which of course I love!!  Aimee looked soft and elegant!

More updates, pictures and news from Polished and Pretty to come very soon!! Stay tuned!

:) Jessica

Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Trend - Yellow Nails - Chanel La Vernis Nail Colour in Mimosa

My new obsession?? The color YELLOW!  Yep.  You've probably heard me whining already about the constant clouds and rain here lately...resulting in a lack of big bright YELLOW things in the sky!!  :)  Since about Easter weekend, my current color obsession has turned to yellow!!  I pulled out a brightly colored yellow satin top for Easter celebrations and have been hooked ever since!! 

Apparently I am not alone in this need for yellow in my life, as I see it popping up in beauty everywhere!! (I even bought a yellow eyeliner yesterday at ULTA!!)  One of the first places I noticed it was at Chanel in nails!  Now I don't mean gold...I mean YELLOWChanel is featuring a limited edition nail color in a bright pretty yellow as part of their Summer 2011 Collection
Summer's Coolest Nails

Chanel's La Vernis Nail Colour in Mimosa retails for $25 at Chanel.com or at retailers who carry Chanel like VonMaur!  I am in love with this!  BUT, because I KNOW I will get tired quickly of a trendy color like this - $25 is a lot to spend for me! GOOD NEWS!  I found an almost PERFECT dupe - Check it out!! 
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in #27 Mellow Yellow!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in #27 Mellow Yellow
Retails at CVS and Walgreens for $2.99 reg. price
I purchased mine Sunday and here's a picture of the finished nails!!!  I LOVE THEM! So fun and bright!  The color is almost exact!

My fun bright MELLOW YELLOW nails
Hmmmm....what fun color to do next???  Suggestions?!?!  :)  Happy Monday all!  xoxo, Jessica

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vintage Makeup Obsession Part 2

Last week I blogged about one of the most fascinating videos I have seen recently in my piece called Vintage Makeup Obsession!!  The YouTube video I spoke about from Lisa Eldridge was inspiring to me to say the least!!  In it, she shares an interview with Madeleine Marsh, a historian and vintage fashion and beauty collector.  The video interview and discussion between Ms. Eldridge and Ms. Marsh takes place as they walk through her amazing vintage makeup and beauty collection - starting in this video with the Victorian Era to the 1930's!!  To read Part 1 of this blog, or to hear more about my own vintage makeup obsession and where my inspirations for learning about the history of women and makeup began, click here!  But, for now I will post the second YouTube video from Lisa Eldridge where she picks up where she left off in the first video!!  In this second video she shares vintage makeup from the 1940's to 1970's during more of her interview with Madeleine Marsh!!  Amazing! 

Please enjoy the second part of this Vintage Makeup series from Lisa Eldridge!  This is one video I will watch over and over again!!  Each time I spot something new and interesting about the evolution of makeup in the past 100 years...which speaks directly to the evolution of women and our culture in that time. WOW.

To see more from Lisa Eldridge, go to www.lisaeldridge.com or watch her on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/lisaeldridgedotcom 
Thank you Lisa Eldridge and Madeleine Marsh!!  I hope we get to see more!!